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2011-12-20 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* src/strings.lisp: Improvments for sb-unicode from
	Elias Martenson

2010-10-20 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* src/{strings,i18n}.lisp: Rework foreign string
	conversion for Lispworks so that wide-character strings
	are produced (rather than strings of octets)

2010-04-20 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 2.0.0
	* uffi.asdf: Update version so libraries using UFFI
	can depend on verson 2.0 for new foreign encoding
	* src/i18n.lisp: Add null-terminate to STRING-TO-OCTETS
	* tests/i18n.lisp: Add new tests

2010-02-11 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 1.8.6
	* src/strings.lisp: Standards on :encoding keyword

2010-02-08 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 1.8.5
	* src/primitives.lisp: Fix for long-long patch
	(Stelian Ionescu)
	* src/i18n.lisp: Changed logic of how to deal
	with an passed encoding value of il.

2010-02-08 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 1.8.4
	* sql/primitives.lisp: Improved detection for
	availability of long-long integer for CMU.
	(Thanks to Stelian Ionescu)
	* sql/i18n.lisp: Changes in how ignored variables
	are declared (Stelian Ionescu)

2010-02-08 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 1.8.3
	* sql/strings.liap: Commit patch from 
	with fixes for recent changes with i18n as well
	as reworking how ignored variables are declared.

2010-02-07 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 1.8.2
	* src/i18n.lisp: Rename function to 
	foreign-encoded-octet-count. Fix errors.
	* tests/i18n.lisp: New file. i18n tests fine
	on AllegroCL 8/16 bits, SBCL unicode/non-unicode,
	CCL, and Lispworks 6
	* src/strings.lisp: Fix an error with decoding
	strings on CCL.

2010-02-06 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* src/i18n.lisp: Add new function string-to-octets

2010-02-06 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 1.8.1
	* src/i18n.lisp: Add new function foreign-encoded-string-octets

2010-02-06 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 1.8.0
	* src/strings.lisp: Initial support for external-formats with
	foreign strings.

2010-02-05 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 1.7.3
	* src/primitives.lisp: Fix symbol name

2010-02-05 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 1.7.2
	* src/i18n.lisp: New file for supporting non-ASCII foreign strings.

2010-01-29 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 1.7.1
	* src/primitives.lisp: Add :long-long and :unsigned-long-long
	for lisp implementations that support it. Push uffi:no-long-long
	on cl:*features* for lisp implementations that don't support it.

2010-01-28 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 1.7.0
	* src/{functions.lisp,objects.lisp,strings.lisp}: Support Lispworks 6

2007-09-17 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* doc/Makefile, doc/html.xsl: Change output encoding from
	ISO-8859-1 to UTF-8

2007-07-22 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* doc/ref_func_libr.xml: Change the specification of
	load-foreign-library to better match the actual action of the
	function. Rather than returning NIL for failure to load library,
	signal an error.
	* src/libraries.lisp: Rework load-foreign-library to ensure errors
	are signaled on failure to load library. This was the case for
	some implementations, change the other implementations to
	match. (Inconsistency found due to Mark Wooding's remarks)

2007-04-12 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 1.5.18
	* src/functions.lisp: Patch from Ian Eslick for Lispworks 5

2006-10-10 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 1.5.17
	* src/functions.lisp: Patch from Edi Weitz for Lispworks 5/Linux

2006-09-02 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 1.5.16
	* src/libraries.lisp: Add cygwin support

2006-08-13 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 1.5.15
	* src/{objects,strings}.lisp: Add support for Lispworks 5
	thanks to patches from Bill Atkins

2006-07-04 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 1.5.14
	* src/{objects,strings}.lisp: Apply patch from Edi Weitz

2006-05-17 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 1.5.13
	* src/libraries.lisp: Revert buggy patch from Yaroslav Kavenchuk.

2006-05-17 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 1.5.12
	* src/libraries.lisp: Patch from Yaroslav Kavenchuk to set
	default drive letters on MS Windows.

2006-05-11 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 1.5.11: Export new macro DEF-POINTER-VAR based on patch from
	James Bielman to support defining variables on platforms which
	support saving objects, such as openmcl

2006-04-17 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 1.5.10: Commit patch from Gary King for openmcl's
	feature list change

2005-11-14 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 1.5.7
	* src/strings.lisp: Add with-foreign-strings by James Biel

2005-11-14 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 1.5.6
	* src/os.lisp: Remove getenv setter

2005-11-07 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 1.5.5
	* src/os.lisp: Add support for getenv getter and setter

2005-09-17 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 1.5.4
	* src/objects.lisp: prepend _ character for entry
	point on Allegro macosx, patch by Luis Oliveira

2005-07-05 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 1.5.0
	* Remove vestigial LLGPL license notices as UFFI as been
	BSD-licensed for several years.

2005-06-09 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 1.4.39
	* tests/objects.lisp: Rename from pointers.lisp.
	Fix test CHPTR.4 as noted by Jorg Hohle
	* src/objects.lisp: Remove default from ensure-char-integer

2005-06-09 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 1.4.38
	* src/libraries.lisp: Commit patch from Edi Weitz to
	allow plain filename library names to allow underlying
	lisp implementation to find foreign libraries in the
	locations known to the operating system.
	* tests/cast.lisp: Add :module keyword as noted by Jorg Hohle.
	* src/strings.lisp: Avoid multiple evaluation of input
	parameters for macros as noted by Jorg Hohle.

2005-04-12 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Version 1.4.37
	* src/strings.lisp: Fix variable name

2005-04-04 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* src/strings.lisp, src/aggregates.lisp: Support change in SBCL copy
	function [Thanks for Nathan Froyd and Zach Beane]

2005-04-03 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* src/objects.lisp: Commit patch from James Bielman to add
	def-foreign-var support for OpenMCL

2005-03-03 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* src/primitives.lisp: Add support for :union types
	[patch from Cyrus Harmon]
	* tests/union.lisp, tests/structs.lisp: Tests for
	union and structure types [from Cyrus Harmon]

2005-02-22 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* src/primitives.lisp, src/strings.lisp: Better support
	for sb-unicode [from Yoshinori Tahara and R. Mattes]

2005-01-22 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* src/primitives.lisp: Better support SBCL-AMD64

2004-11-08 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* src/strings.lisp: Better support sb-unicode
	* tests/compress.lisp: Support sb-unicode

2004-10-07 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* src/objects.lisp: Add new function:

2004-04-15 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* src/objects.lisp: Add new functions:

2004-04-13 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* src/string.lisp: Add new FOREIGN-STRING-LENGTH

2003-08-15 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Added with-cast-pointer and def-foreign-var (patches submitted
	by Edi Weitz).
	* Added many new tests

2002-10-16 Kevin Rosenberg 
        * Added support for SBCL and SCL

2002-09-29 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* Numerous changes in openmcl support (uffi now supports
	clsql on openmcl)

2002-09-19 Kevin Rosenberg 
        - Integrate John Desoi's OpenMCL support into src-mcl
	* examples/Makefile: add section for building on MacOS X (John Desoi)
	* examples/test-examples: changed from mk: to asdf: package loading (KMR)
	* examples/run-examples: changed from mk: to asdf: package loading (KMR),
	add conditional loading if UFFI not loaded (John Desoi)
	* examples/compress.cl: Add dylib to library types for MacOSX (John Desoi),
	converted compressed output to hexidecimal display (KMR)
	* examples/union.cl: Rework the tests (KMR)
	* src-main/libraries.cl: add dylib as default library type on MacOSX (John Desoi)
	* src-main/aggregates.cl: convert from uffi type in deref-array (John Desoi)

2002-09-16 Kevin Rosenberg 
	- Restructure directories to move to a asdf definition file
	without pathnames.

2002-08-25 Kevin Rosenberg 
       - Restructure directories to attempt to properly handle both
	Common Lisp Controller and non-CLC systems

2002-08-17 Kevin Rosenberg 
	- add uffi.asd for ASDF users

2002-08-01 Kevin Rosenberg 
	- Restructure directories to improve Common Lisp Controller v3

2002-07-25 Kevin Rosenberg 
	- Rework handling of logical pathnames.
	- Move run-examples.cl to examples directory.

2002-06-28 Kevin Rosenberg 
	- Added size-of-foreign-type function.

2002-06-26 Kevin Rosenberg 
	- Fix bug in Lispworks allocate-foreign-object
	- Added new :unsigned-byte type. Made :byte signed.

2002-04-27 Kevin Rosenberg 
	- misc files
	First debian version

2002-04-23 Kevin Rosenberg 
	- doc/*
	Updated to debian docbook catalog

2002-04-23 John DeSoi (desoi@mac.com)
	* src/mcl/*
	Improved MCL support

2002-04-06 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* src/mcl/libraries.cl:
	Removed unnecessary function and added find-foreign-library
	* src/mcl/*.cl:
	Added authorship for John DeSoi
	* doc/ref.sgml:
	Added documentation for find-foreign-library
	* uffi.system:
	Simplied logical pathnames and MCL loading

2002-04-04 John DeSoi (desoi@mac.com)
	* src/mcl/*.cl
	Added initial support for MCL

2002-04-02 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* src/libraries.cl:
	Added test for .so libraries on CMUCL and use sys::load-object-file instead
	of alien:load-library-file
	* examples/Makefile:
	Updated defaults so library is created correctly on Linux, FreeBSD, and Solaris

2002-04-02 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* examples/compress.cl:
	Fixed missing '/'
	* examples/union.cl:
	Added support for SPARC big-endian
	* test-examples.cl:
	Automated testing suite

2002-04-01 Kevin Rosenberg 
	* src/libraries.cl:
	* examples/Makefile:
	Changed default type for FreeBSD and updated Makefile for
	FreeBSD and Solaris. Enhanced find-foreign-library to
	take a list of types to search.
	* examples/compress.cl:
	Add support to use find-foreign-library

2002-03-31  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* src/strings.cl:
	Fixed bug in with-foreign-string (Thanks Harald Hanche-Olsen)
	* examples/Makefile:
	Create a .a library file for FreeBSD
	* src/libraries.cl:
	Added default type and find-foreign-library functions

2002-03-29  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* src/objects.cl:
	Fixed bug in deref-pointer (Thanks John Desoi!)

2002-03-22  Kevin Rosenberg 
	* src/aggregates.cl:
	Changed name and implementation of def-array to more appropriate
	* src/ref.sgml:
	Updated def-array-pointer documentation
	* src/primitives.cl:
	Made results of def-constant equal those of cl:defconstant
	* src/objects.cl:
	Made type be evaluated for with-foreign-object and allocate-foreign-object
	Increase to 0.3.0 to coincide with the release of CLSQL.

21 Mar 2002
	* Fixed problem with NULL foreign-strings with CMUCL
	* Added c-test-fns to examples for allow more specific testing
	of UFFI. Builds on UNIX and Win32 platforms.
	* Added def-union function, added union.cl example
	* Fixed error with ensure-char-[character|integer]
	* Added 2-d array example to examples/arrays.cl
	* Fixed documentation error on gethostname
	* Added ensure-char-* and def-union to documentation
	* Added double-float vector example to c-test-fns
	* Reworked cstring on Lispworks to have LW handle string conversion
	* First pass at with-foreign-object -- unoptimized
	* Added gethostname2 example which uses with-foreign-object
	* Added char-array-to-pointer function to encapsulate
	converting a char array	to a char pointer
	* Converted with-foreign-object to use stack allocation on CMUCL and LW
	* Added benchmark code, first file is for allocation

20 Mar 2002
	* Updated strings.cl so that foreign-strings are always unsigned.
	Fixes a problem with strtol example.
	* Added ensure-char-character and ensure-char-integer to handle
	differences in implementations dereferencing of (* :char).
	* Added section on design priorities for UFFI
	* Added section in TODO on splitting implementation-dependent code

19 Mar 2002
	* Added size parameter to allocate-foreign-object. Creates an array
	of dimensions size.
	* Got array-2d example working with a 1-d array.
	* Cleaned strtol example
	* Added TODO file

18 Mar 2002
	* Documentation fixes (Erik Winkels)
	* Fixed missing '.' in CMUCL type declarations (Erik Winkels)

17 Mar 2002
	* Changed deref-pointer so it always returns a character when
	called with a :char or :unsigned-char type
	* Removed function ensure-char as no longer needed
	* Added missing :byte specifier to Lispworks
	* Changed default string type in Lispworks to :unsigned-char
	which is the native type for Lispworks foreign-strings.
	* Reworked strtol to handle new character pointing method

16 Mar 2002
	* Fixed return value in load-foreign-library (Thanks Erik Winkels),
	modified routine to accept pathnames as well as strings.
	* Fix documention with :pointer-void (Again, Erik Winkels)
	* Added missing type specifiers for CMUCL (Thanks a bunch, Erik!)

15 Mar 2002
	* Finished basic skeleton of documentation.

14 Mar 2002
	* Changed license to more liberal Lisp Lessor GNU Public License
	* Fixed problem with uffi.system absent from in distribution
	(Thanks John DeSoi)
	* Fixed compiler warnings

11 Mar 2002
	* Changed def-type to def-foreign-type
	* Created new macro def-type to generate cl:deftype forms. Removed
	uffi-declare and uffi-slot-type as they are no longer necessary.

10 Mar 2002
	* Modified input parameters to load-foreign-library
	* Added to documention
	* Changed parameter order in get-slot-value and deref-array

9 Mar 2002
	* Added to documentation
	* Made Allegro CL array access more efficient
	* Changed def-routine name to def-function
	* Fixed bug in def-function for Lispworks]
	* Fixed error in +null-c-string-pointer+ name
	* Fixed error in (make-null-pointer) for Lispworks
	* Reworked Lispwork c-strings to be (* :char) rather than the
	implementation default of (* (:unsigned :char)) to be consistent
	with CMUCL. Bumped version to 0.2.0 because of change this change.
	* Renamed c-string to cstring to emphasize it as a basic type
	* Modified getenv.cl example to avoid name collison with LW
	* Modified compress.cl to setup output buffer as :unsigned*char
	* Added test-all-examples function. All routines tested okay with

8 Mar 2002
	* Added ZIP file output with LF->CRLF translations to distribution
	* Modified def-enum to use uffi:def-constant rather than
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